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The company was founded in 2010, is located in the manufacturing industry in Guangdong, Dongguan, from the depth of Dongguan, Guangzhou Shenzhen two high-speed entrance is only ten minutes by car, traffic is very convenient Daling town.

The company has a professional development and production of advanced mold design and production, has many years of plastic mold, two-color mold, zinc alloy die-casting mold design and production experience. With high quality molds and quality services, Hong Kong won the trust of all customers mold.

Main products: toys, simulation vehicles, home appliances, electronics, office and other industries. To provide quality products and create value for customers is my eternal pursuit of Hong Kong mold.


Application case

Plastic mold used in where


When it comes to plastic mold there may be a lot of people think this one word is very strange, but when it comes to plastic products would be a lot of people will feel better to understand, in fact t


[color] die created colorful world


Now the standard of living can be said to be more and more high, many manufacturers are able to achieve innovation, put a lot of irrelevant things together to make a green fashion market, then you hav


Challenges and opportunities of China's mold industry


To achieve the comprehensive development of China's mold, the first step is to start from the technology, establish a sound system of intellectual property rights. After that, the application of the g


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